'Mach One'
Various Artists

Peter Blast
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                     Spltting Hares
RELEASE# 703071001326

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1. Art Of War
2. Desire
3. Out Of Order
4. Sheena Is A PunkRocker
5. Chainsaw
6. Hundred Bucks
7. Razor Clam
8. Crimewave
9. Heathen Set
10. Kill Something
11. California Uber Alles
12. Highway 69


2. KAREN BLACK - You Sley Me
3. RESUREX - Devil Woman From Outer Space
4. PSYCHO CHARGER - Redneck Zombies
5. THUNDERBOSS - Thunderbolt Theme
6. THE SCARED STIFFS - Black Haired Girl
7. THE GROOVIE GHOULIES - The Beast With 5 Hands
8. THE OTHER - Hyde Inside
9. HELIOS CREED - Sandbox Jungle
10. KRISSTEEN - Luv The One Ya Whip
11. THE SHEWOLVES - Desire
12. CALABRESE - Phantasmagoria
14. THE MUGSHOTS - Pissed In Hell
15. THE YOUNG WEREWOLVES - Zombie Car Chase
16. FRANKENSTEIN - City Of People
17. BERNIE TORME - Howling At The Moon

Poptown is proud to announce the signing of NYC’s wildest pack! The She Wolves have gained notoriety on New York’s club scene and built of a loyal following of howling mad fans! Their first Poptown release is due out early in 2007 and is scheduled to feature guest appearances by Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls and the fabulous Jayne County. Get a taste of the she wolves on the latest Poptown compilation, Ghouls Gone Wild! Here’s what the NY Waste has to say about them….

One of New York Cities finest rock bands just keeps on rockin' our brains off! They are casually, without notice, and without loosing their Punk roots heading into total stoner rockdoom. So, skin up and take a toke of the She Wolves...

SHE WOLVES are Donna - guitar/vox, Gyda Gash - Bass/vox, Tony Mann - Dums/vox.

Did you have a pet as a kid? How did you feel when it died?
Tony: Yes - a full-blooded Wolf! It didn't die - it chewed a hunk out of some jerky kid's leg - so we gave it to a wolf farm in New Hampshire.

How old were you when you realized you could possibly make a living playing music?
Donna: I was in my late 20’s when Cycle Sluts got their first advance from Sony. I went to three or four different banks with a check made out for $86,000. Other than this very valuable particular piece of paper, we were flat fuckin’ broke. I didn’t have a bank account or valid I.D. no bank would take it. Still, I thought we may be onto something.

Why did you get into playing?
Gyda: I started playing guitar when I was 12. It was an act of self-parenting. Huge acoustic Martin 12 string, bigger than I was. Playing the bass was a complete accident. I was in NYC with nothin' but a dope habit... a note had appeared in my mailbox "we want you to come to LA and play bass in our band". I thought it was meant for my ex (Cheetah Chrome/Dead Boys) so I called the band and told them Cheetah doesn't live here anymore. Turns out they wanted ME - didn't care that I never before touched a bass guitar; they wanted a chick and were willing to teach. So I packed a suitcase, said good-bye to New York, and learned the bass while kicking a dope habit, my head on a pillow next to my Sunn amp and giant 18-inch speaker. The withdrawal pains I was feeling found their way through my fingers into the instrument and out through the music. [It was probably because of] obsessive compulsive disorder mostly.

If I asked the other band members what they thought of you personally, what do you think they would say?
Tony: Gyda would say I'm a douche!

Have you ever been busted for anything other than weed?
Gyda: Indecent exposure. I was working as a go-go dancer and I got busted for flashing in a club in New Rochelle.

Ever been in jail/prison?
Tony: yes - it's called school!

Best wasted moment:
Donna: I was at a wedding attended by Keith Richards. I got so fuckin’ hammered and had the following exchange:
Me: You know, you and I made out once when I was like 15.
Keith: Yeah? And what happened to ya?
Me: I became a musician and it ruined my life!
Keith: Ha! Same thing happened to me…

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