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Half-Price Beatin’

pipebomb  half-price beatin

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   1. The Motivational Song
   2. Trailer Monk
   3. Shot
   4. You've Come Undone
   5. Friends Come Back Again
   6. Suffer
   7. Days
   8. Overdose
   9. Dead Radio

     1. Dead
   2. Restitution
   3. Knock Knock
   4. Shep
   5. Neighbor

Yes, the boys from pipebomb are back. After a prolonged leave of absence from the music scene, Poptown Records has just released pipebomb’s much anticipated CD entitled ‘Still’. This long-awaited disc showcases pipebomb's distinctive brand of modern metal - Crushing riffs, explosive beats and engaging lyrical delivery. Combined, these attributes give the band a sound all their own and enable them to strike a balance between gut-wrenching power and soulful harmonies.

Since the formation of pipebomb in 2000, hard work has created the base for their success allowing them to gain a reputable following as accomplished musicians staying true to themselves and their music. The band's renowned first CD, entitled "Half-Price Beatin’", lit the fuse for all that would follow, opening many doors for the band and a great deal of attention from the music industry.

Playing with bands such as Sevendust, Taproot, Ill Niño, Powerman 5000 and Clutch, has gained them fans from the hardcore scene, while shows with Fates Warning, Judas Priest, Living Colour and Kings X has gained the band exposure and opened their music up to a more progressive rock/metal fan base.

Stepping off the stage and back into the studio, they began working on new tracks harnessing the raw energy that is reflected on-stage. The band's latest release "Still" shows they haven’t missed a beat. With powerfully driven guitar riffs, hard-hitting drums, and high energy vocals, 'Still' is their heaviest and most musically varied work to date. Capturing the chemistry that has attracted so many fans to their high-energy live performances, this ten-song-crusher displays a variety of musical styles and, as a collection, takes on a strong entity as an accomplished piece.

The bottom line for these guys is respect, and so far they have earned it from everyone that comes in contact with their music.

Band Website: www.NYPipebomb.net