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Peter Blast
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                     Spltting Hares
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1 - Orange Sunshine
2 - See No Evil
3 - And Just For You Too 
4 - As Sharp As A Knife 
5 - Heaven Only Knows
6 - On A Derailed Train
7 - Place The Blame On Me
8 - Little Sister Of Mercy
9 - The Crossroads Hotel
10 - It's A Cruel Cruel World
11 - I Aint Cursed
12 - On An Angels Wing
13 - You're Dead Wrong
14 - Pills
15 - Good Girls Gone Bad


1 - Enuff Z'nuff
2 - Widowmaker
3 - Roxx Gang
4 - Richie Scarlet
5 - Lovemaker
6 - Young & Fabulous!
7 - The Zeros
8 - Trash Brats
9 - Pin Ups
10 - Junebug - Featuring Peter Blast
11 - Laughing Sam's Breakdown
12 - Sun Kings
13 - The Characters

Peter Blast    
Peter Blast

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For nearly 30 years, Peter Blast has been on the front lines of rock &roll. He's been called a rock & roll survivor, who deserves a Purple Heart. Whether you know him as "Peter Blast" or "Peter Blastiosso" it doesn't much matter. Fans have come to recognize his style, voice, raunchy, jagged guitar and haunting lyrics. Peter is pure traditional rock &roll and always has been, even thru various formats.

At the age of 14, Peter was playing mid-block South Side taverns of Chicago. By 1977 Blast was fronting the group Degeneration. Famous for being the first punk rock group to perform on the Las Vegas Strip, Degeneration got labeled the American Sex Pistols. “We would just drive to Mexico from L.A. and sing and play at the strip bars along the way.”

Peter became fast friends with Stiv Bator and Johnny Thunders. Blast remembers, “It was an amazing time!...throwing classic rock riffs back and forth backstage at clubs from L.A. to Chicago.”

By the 80’s Peter Blast formed Blast Factory and relentlessly toured. Peter also penned material for the acclaimed film Henry; Portrait of a Serial Killer. The 90’s found Blast in Junebug along with former members of the D’Molls, Bad Finger, and Alice Cooper. The band was quickly signed to Circumstantial/Stoney Records and their debut album, Ticket to Hell was produced by Chip Z’Nuff and mixed by Phil Bonnano.

The all-star band toured with L.A. Guns and Enuff Z’Nuff. Junebug received world wide exposure and radio air play. The single, 'Gypsy’s Lantern' was added to Poptown’s 'Splitting Hares' compilation, along with tracks by Enuff Z’Nuff, Widowmaker and Richie Scarlet. Junebug were also included on 'The Sounds of Chicago' record.

In 1998 Peter began recording his first solo CD with the help of multi-million selling producer Johnny K. at Groove Master Studio. The result was 'This Side of Shang-hi', an array of new material that blended Country, Blues and Pop Rock. Rock journalist Anne Leighton wrote “Peter's lyrics and interpretive skills stand right up there with Bruce Springsteen, Marty Robbins and Elliott Murphy.”

A new century brought a new solo record, Explode! It’s in-your-face vocals, hooks and heavy rhythms pushed Peter back into the spotlight. The compilation you have in your hand combines the best of all Peter’s previous works, as well as some new treats and a few previously unreleased live tracks. Drink up and enjoy! (Road Dog / J. Collins, “L.A.”)

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